Our product offering runs the gamut from standard products to customised product innovations for specific applications.

What We Do Best

With our extensive knowledge base and far-reaching experience in impregnated activated carbons, we will help you select the appropriate product and specify customised product innovations.

Impregnation of Activated Carbons

Our impregnated activated carbon products are manufactured in various particle-size categories as well as with individually selected impregnation components – fully adapted to both customers’ needs and application requirements. That offers our customers maximum flexibility with their filter-design.
Personal protection is the primary application of our standard products, but we also develop and manufacture customised and application-specific products or product combinations for industrial exhaust air treatment.

Customised Development

Air purification issues often call for individual solutions. Standard products don’t always comply with the required conditions. With our inhouse laboratory and extensive knowledge of activated carbon applications, we can work with our customers to develop new products or impregnations to meet specific requirements.

Our Laboratory

In 2020, we renewed our laboratory and increased the capacity with additional fume cupboards. Product-specific, new and further developments can thereby be implemented in an even shorter time and with great flexibility. The renovation includes a new laboratory ventilation with heat recovery.

Laboratory Services
  • XRF measurments of solids (powders) and liquids
  • Camsizer (particle size distribution)
  • gas measurements of Cyclohexane, Cl2, H2S, SO2, NH3
  • evtl. Phosphin und NO

Customer Service

We would be happy to assist you with specific challenges in your air purification environment.